Friday, November 6, 2009

Shore Temple Mahabalipuram

Have been travelling for nearly three weeks around Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. I was in Mahabalipuram (also known as Mamallapuram) nearly five years ago and had not remembered that the shore temple was full of cows. Imagine my surprise to find a whole herd of them waiting!

the herd dp332

at the temple a herd of cows
waiting for the sea to stop
its ceaseless waves
these cows sit stone-faced
crows leap from rump
to head and back again
the sea flows on
wave after wave

cow faces worn down
by seaspray smoothed
the angles no longer sharp
the temple is eroded
sand salt and water
these cows sit and wait
as eternity passes by
in the feathers of a crow


  1. Hi Sue, Great to have your Blog back - really missed your creativity - the herd is wonderful - and mention of your visit and the cows brought back wonderful memories of the trip seemingly years ago.

    Look forward to reading more

  2. It seemed both same and different. We stayed in same hotel and I remembered some things and had completely forgotten others. It was reallyt good to back a second time. S

  3. Nice to see a post after long.The stones and the cows or the stoned cows?