Sunday, August 30, 2009


paksha dp175

moon wing floats overhead in the dark
of the lunar month
fish fin swims by beneath the water’s edge
in the moon’s bright tide
cow flank is a night feather against my shoulder
smelling of straw and chaff
party factions are armies’ phalanxes
still smoking in noisy backrooms
every proposition is an equation to be argued
by show-off peacocks spreading feathers
her hands articulate like wingbones
when she dances
an elephant will dance and cry when the moon’s
wings are clipped


  1. Beautiful - especially the last line -'the elephant will dance and cry when the moon's wings are clipped' - makes me want to cry! or am I in the elephant persona too far?
    The history of the Raga will be fascinating - I have a book on the subject but have never got around to reading it - I will have to book some of your time when you return to talk about all your new wisdoms ... a 'manhattan' on the deck at Mission Beach sounds like a good venue for it.

  2. Anything on the deck at MB sounds good. I feel like a complete novice as far as things like ragas go - but slowly learning. Hang on to the elephant persona - there's loads there.