Thursday, January 14, 2010


This strange photo seemed strange enough to go with this rather strange poem. I took the photo at the Meenakshee Temple in Madurai. She's a fish-eyed goddess and all the images of her are of a green-skinned woman.

A boanthrope is a person who thinks she is a cow. This page dedicated to shape-shifters!

What she says about boanthropy

if you stand in the path of a boanthrope
you are bound to get hurt
they are said to be dangerously
out of their minds

imagined horns are almost as sharp
as real ones especially since these ones
are convinced of the reality of their horns

eating grass doesn’t mean peace and love to all creatures
were-wolves and were-cows are travellers
whose appetites are great
bedeck them in garlands and they will follow you

1 comment:

  1. Scary.

    This is metaphorical in one level and evil in another.

    I am thinking and thinking whether I have encountered such people. Well, I might have been a boanthrope some time some day.

    I learnt a new word today - Bo an thrope.

    Hope you are doing great as ever Susan.

    Joy always,