Saturday, October 3, 2009

anatomy of a cow pat

Sadly, I can't set this out as I want, so I hope it still works.

anatomy of a cow pat dp298

where they drop and when
is all important
consider this:

on the savannahs of Africa
and in the deserts too
a special follower evolves
the dung beetle

watch this little body
work like a Trojan to roll

that corner of
that dung heap across
that road

like Sysiphus
or ordinary housework
this is an endless task
the job of dissolution is fast

in tropical regions
India northern Australia

and battalions of insects
ensure the dung
is dissolved in a day

to make use of it for fuel
she must be quick
follow the cow
pick it up
dry it out

on the dry plains
of the western slopes
where the nature of
soil and brick merge

the cow pat sits
and sits
and sits

waiting for the children
to walk past
on the way home from school

they pick them up
toss them like ancient Frisbees
watch the universe spin

1 comment:

  1. Now thats what is aesthetics created out of something like dung. Nice one. In India also the cowdung has manifold purposes.